What is a SAP Assessment?

The Standard Assessment Procedure is the government-approved method of assessing and measuring the energy rating of any new build residential building.

Using drawings and specification for the building, a model is built and factors such as CO2 emissions are calculated.  The results must achieve at least the same as the government model.

SAP is a desk based assessment, so we don’t need to visit the site.  You send the details to us and we do all the calculations.

New Build
From blocks of flats to large detached houses, we can provide you with the ‘as designed’ calculation, make recommendations and then the final ‘as built’ calculation and EPC
If you plan to convert an existing house into two flats or a barn into a house then you will require a SAP calculation.
If your new extension has over 25% glazing compared to the new floor area then you may be asked to show you can still meet the energy requirements.

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