I’ve never found the definitive format for my site diaries, they seem to change depending on how many people are on site, and how busy I am. But forget to do the site diary at your peril, it could be deemed as evidence in any disputes.

At the very least, you need to record who’s on site so you know how much to pay them.  Try to be as accurate as possible, you may pay your workers a day rate, but take note of their working times.  Be vigilant if you agreed to dayworks with someone who’s on price, you don’t really want them floating between the two.

Things you might want to record

I tend to only take note of the weather if it’s relevant to work. It’s cloudy at 10 degrees doesn’t really affect anybody. Whereas 3 degrees or heavy rainfall can stop play.

I keep a separate record of my orders open on my desk so I can see what is outstanding and needs chasing. So I have the answer when I’m asked: “Where’s my pallet of blocks?”.

My flow of information is through email, so I have a record, and it’s easier to search than thumbing through a diary. But if something is verbally agreed it’s worth noting down and following up with an email.


Thursday 28 March 19

AM Cloudy 12 DegC
PM Sunny 14 DegC

Mark 8am – 4pm

  • Site admin
  • Update 1st floor plan, north elevation
  • Update budget

Gary 8am – 4pm

  • Clean existing woodwork on west elevation
  • House keeping

John 8am – 3pm

  • Door linings throughout

David – Holiday

Fictional Scaffolding Ltd 8 am – 10 am: South elevation (50%)

Fictional Building Supplies Plc ORD236 – 200m 125mm Ogee skirting
Fictional Building Supplies Plc 2:30 pm – DEL85653 Blocks, sand, cement

Fictional Hire Ltd – Breaker – off hired (3 days)

New detail for extension sliding door recieved

Brief emergency lighting test – All working as should